Entice out the leader inside you and try it for yourself.

Kwaremont blond is just like the killer climb of the Oude Kwaremont in the Flemish Ardennes: fiery and packed with character. This full malt beer delivers that jolt of liquid sugar you crave after pedalling your heart out. What’s in it for you? A distinctive, thirst-quenching finish with 6.6% of alcohol content to match the steepest of inclines.
Kwaremont 75cl

Kwaremont beer receives the prestigious price of ‘Best Product of the Year 2015-2016’

All the products have been rated on the bases of five criteria: value for money, product presentation, user satisfaction, repeat purchase and recommendation. In total, 114 products competed for this award, where the consumer chose the final winner. More than 11.000 consumers have rated their favorite product via www.besteproductvanhetjaar.be. This makes this election one of the biggest consumer surveys in the country where consumers have a direct influence on the results.

“We are very proud on the award. Every day, our people work hard but with passion for our products. So it’s a great appreciation for all the people at our brewery to receive this prestigious award. “

Kwaremont is positioned as the qualitative, accessible and authentic cycling beer for leaders. Because just like brewing, cycling also required passion, talent and perseverance.
Brouwerij De Brabandere